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Progressive rockband from Oslo that existed a short period in second half of  the 70's. The line up was Freddy Dahl (vocal, guitar), Peter Berg Nilsen (vocal, saxsophon), Kjell Rønningen (keyboards; Ruphus), Sverre Beyer (bass) og Bjørn Jenssen (drums). 

The Groups (by then) only release was recorded in October 1976 and with a cover that gave the buyer no doubt that this was progressive stuff. Everything from the painting on the cover, the colourfull label to the music on the vinyl, witnessed that Saluki wished to reign among the leading bands in the land within the  progressive rock  style. 

The record contain a new version of «Take The Road Across The Bridge», that Dahl had recorded with Junipher Greene five years earlier. Sylvi Lillegaard (from Ruphus) and Radka Toneff contributed with backing vocals on this track. Unfortunately  Saluki never got to show their full potential. In the beginning of spring 1978 the group folded. Rønningen, Jenssen and Dahl joined Ruphus.

...This Saluki debut is perhaps the most desirable releases from the Compendium label and has become a collectors piece of the progressive Norwegian jazz-rock scene...

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