a powerful collection of 70's sounds and music



From the 40th anniversary concert in Oslo Konserthus 30. mars 2017



The long awaited 2nd album from SALUKI.
The songs were originally recorded in 77, but never released.
Re-recorded the spring of 2018, apart from a couple

of tunes (and with addition of a couple), but all part of our 77 repertoire.
We are happy to say that the re-recording is very satisfying for us, though the '77 tape is also a treat, but in a different way.
It's truly amazing how these songs awake memories and feelings of an era that may seem lost.
We sincerely hope that this bundle will inspire, and fill you with joy!

Albumet Saluki utgitt 1977

"Definitly the best  LP-you can buy this year is the maginifenctly

restored debut album from 1977 by the band Saluki on the  Round2 label from BIG DIPPER,  among the others a pure young Bjorn Jenssen on drums and Freddy Dahl as a frontman. Released by Compendium, the 70's hippest recordstore and hippiecommunity The music is Progressive Jazzfunk with a tasteful touch of Westcoast Rock and therefore of it's time, this make it sound excatly like young and dedicated people love it today. Not only do I think of the new wave of Prog, this is at times very dancy - with soulfilled grooves. The highpoint is definitivly the rerecording of the Junipher Greene-song «Take The Road Across The Bridge» with Radka Toneff and Sylvi Lillegård as chorists, this is so funky and full of 70's musical freedom that time cease to excist. This has to be listen to with your arms  raised and the certainty that the best music will always return."


Audun Vinger


january 2018

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Freddy Dahl
Peter Alois Symington
Kjell Rønningen


Genuine Norwegian prog-rock at it's best!


With Freddy Dahl and Peter Symington as frontmen, did Saluki play concerts and festivals and clubs around Norway, Denmark and Holland during 1976 - 77.

Saluki  was at the time described as a catchy melodious band with upbeat rythms and harmonious vocals and with very accomplished insrumentalists..


Saluki  released their first album, Saluki the 30th of  March 1977.

Their long awaited second album, "Amazing Games" was released on November 2. nd 2018.


And there is no doubt that the Saluki-family now have collected a very powerful bundle of sounds and delight for you to enjoy! The repertoire has a lot of power and a good doze of new material.

Saluki is:

Freddy Dahl (vocal/guitar)

Peter A. Symington (vocal/wind synth/percussion)

Ginn Jahr (bass/vocal)

Kjell Rønningen (keyboards/vocal)

Trond Tufte (guitar)

Gunnar Berg-Nielsen (drums)


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